Animal Farm main scene

2015 Animal Farm Main Scene

Zoo is a space full of imagination and conflict. It symbolizes a time of joy (for visitors), yet it also symbolizes a time of confinement and segregation (for animals). It symbolizes the convenience and marvels of modern life (a collection of rare animals from all over the world), and it also suggests a hint of the apocalyptic salvation of Noah’s Ark (protecting species on the verge of extinction). Cages in zoos are used as an allusion to modern people’s lives in cages. The artist then applied the perspective into the series ‘Animal Farm’ through an extremely absurd and strange arrangement of time and space, creating a peculiar experience for the viewer.

The photographs were all shot with 8 × 10 format color films. Through these exquisite images with saturated colors, he was able to present a visual quality that surpassed ordinary vision. Combined with a surrealistic scene and atmosphere, he guided the audience to gradually inspect all the elements and details in the images, searching for clues for interpreting these mysterious pictures to connect or resonate with their personal experiences. He negotiated to use Hsinchu Zoo and Shoushan Zoo in Kaohsiung as the sets of his photography project, and deliberately chose the twilight moment to shoot his works. In his opinion, the moment when light and colors blurred as well as when day transitioned into night was the perfect temporal equivalent for delineating the overlapping condition of the overt and covert tendencies in human psyche.