Animal Farm Installation Work

2015 Animal Farm Installation Work

Real props used in six main photographical works, including syringes, hobbyhorse, glass bottle, and wallpaper. They are rearranged in new combinations and presented as installations to form dialogues with the space. The pattern was selected from the nine ornamental patterns, and functioned to complement and contrast these props, enabling them to be viewed as artworks with equal attention.

In addition, sounds of different surroundings and animals recorded during the photo shoots in Hsinchu Zoo and Shoushan Zoo can also be heard throughout the space; the sounds function as an agent that connects the galleries and artworks, expanding the exhibition experience and imagination of the audience.

The giant birdcage was two meter in height and over three thousand large coins, which he specially forged for the photo shoot of Animal Farm NO.05. Thousands of coins, signifying desire and wealth, cascaded down the stairs like a waterfall or landslide, demonstrating a force that was capable of capturing territories as well as displaying another possibility of sinking lower and lower. The suspended birdcage responded to the “flow of coins” on the floor. On the one hand, it symbolized the restraint and control on humanity powered by the authority or morality; on the other hand, it implied that human desire would always try to break free from the confining cage.

A three-meter high potted metal pin tree created with woven and wrapped stainless steel netting. The prototype of the tree is a small plastic pine tree can be sighted in all the large-scale photographs on display, with it sometimes placed in an important and obvious spot and in an insignificant corner elsewhere. Bonsai is often intentionally wrapped with strings or wires to create desired shapes and structures by controlling the plants’ growth and form. This potted pine tree is intentionally instilled in each of artist’s photography scenarios, and besides acting as a theatrical prop or a decorative object, it also holds further symbolic purpose and meaning. It could be regarded as a symbol for adjusting to various obstacles, with the strings representing different tangible or intangible constraints that people are bonded or distorted by. On the other hand, it could also be thought of as the artist’s signature, a mark of his artistic identity.