Animal Farm Video

2015 Animal Farm Video

Nine videos composed of three synchronous channels are played in loop on a triple-screen projection installation. Various directions with different aesthetics and contents are included in these videos, with them regarded as extensions or variations from the still photographs in the Animal Farm series. Included are some object-based videos, with props used in the Animal Farm series applied in different narrative expressions. Characters from specific scenes are also extracted to be juxtaposed by certain objects or placed in different settings, resulting in new monologues. Some include lifting an entire cast and placing them in a neutral space to embark on a different story or engage in an interactive game. These nine three-channel videos are not supplements or explanations for the previously completed photo works, and the portraits extracted from the photos are also not regarded as stills and references for the videos. The two components are developing in a parallel manner but are also interconnected. Although there are no connections or logics based on who belongs to whom and which is following which, corresponding connections or comparative interpretations for the photographs and the videos are, nevertheless, able to be realized by the audience.